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Ladder Frame Storage

Ladder Frame for Commercial Use

Ladder Frame buildings can be a great alternative to Post Frame if you are interested in a faster framing and more economical building design. With the 4' o.c. ceiling, you will save on labor costs and material costs of the building. As always, Ladder Frame buildings are fully guaranteed with our warranty.

Ladder Frame is a great storage building option if you think you may want to add insulation in the future as the wider spacing allows for easier installation. Like all EPS designs, Ladder Frame designs are pre-engineered and can be tailored to meet your needs!

Buildings Close Together

Standard Ladder Frame Walls

Wall Framing (2x6 wall package):

  • Sill Seal and Treated Sill Plate

  • Double Pre-Cut Wall Stud 48" o.c.

  • SPF #2 Double Top Plate

  • Pre-cut Girts to be spaced 24" o.c.

  • Paslode Gun Nail Package (optional)

Exterior Wall Finish:

  • Exterior 29 ga. painted steel

  • #10 x 1-1/2" painted steel screws

  • Siliconized Polyester paint system with 40-year warranty


  • Pre-engineered roof trusses at 4' o.c.

  • 4/12 roof pitch (optional pitches available)

  • Roof Loading per IBC 2009 - Trusses have a 5# Top and Bottom Chord Dead Loading

  • 90 MPH wind load and county snow-load design

  • All machine stress rated lumber used in truss manufacturing

  • SPF #2 or better 2"x4" continuous roof purlins

  • SPF #2 or better 2"x6" fascia board

  • SPF #2 or better 2"x4" bottom chord bracing

  • SPF #2 or better 2"x4" continuous lateral bracing

  • Painted 29 ga. roof steel screw fastened on with #10 x 1-1/2" painted roof steel screws

  • Siliconized Modified Polyester paint system

  • Ridgecap, rake, and corner trim

  • 12" Overhang both sidewall eaves Vented Aluminum Soffit Panels (optional 24")

  • Fascia trim to be Post Trim and Eave Molding

  • Continuous vented ridge system with Uni-Vent vented closure under-ridgecap (optional)

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