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Post Frame Storage

Commercial Storage

Post Frame buildings are great for agricultural buildings, but they can also serve a commercial purpose, particularly with storage facilities. Regardless of the end use, EPS can engineer and manufacture post frame buildings to any size and need. EPS post frame buildings implement long span trusses with wide open areas that will offer flexibility in your storage or work area. Our thirty plus years of experience plus state-of-the-
art technology goes into each and every one of our building plans.

Office Building

Advantage of EPS Post Frame

  • Embedded post foundation allows for easier winter construction and installation

  • Greater design flexibility through methods such as long span trusses and wide space postings

  • Cost savings from purchasing an EPS building system include materials, labor, energy savings and more

  • State-of-the-art engineering built into our post frame construction providing dependable, guaranteed performance

  • Site preparation is easy and post frame structures are very adaptable to problems such as steep slopes and flood plain

Cost Effective Design

EPS is a low-cost producer and offers the widest possible product design at the most competitive prices. From 6' on center to 12' on center and from 30 lb to 200 lb snow loads - EPS will have you covered.

Engineered Value

Every EPS engineered building is evaluated for cost effective solutions, maximum performance and spans. Every customer will receive a guaranteed structure to support optimal wind and snow loads. EPS only sells our products according to current International and State Agencies building snow and wind loads (IBC).


Post Frame builders use our laminated columns placed in direct contact with the ground or on top of concrete. These laminated columns are pressure treated with preservatives approved by the EPA to increase their longevity. All EPS posts carry a 50-year warranty, a testament to our confidence in the product.


  • EPS paint coating carries a 40-year warranty for chipping, cracking, or peeling

  • EPS treated posts carry a 50-year warranty for insects and decay

** See actual warranty for all terms

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