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The best referral we can get is from our clients. We take pride in our impeccable attention to detail, excellent customer service, and precision project work.

First...I would provide 10 stars if that was a choice...
It gives me great pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of Matt Davis CEO, Fortress Built, Baxter MN.

I contacted Matt to request an assessment and to obtain an estimate to complete a residential remodeling project.

The project involved replacement of sliding doors, windows, siding replacement, framing, insulation, drywall work as well as other related tasks.

Matt arrived on time for the appointment; he was very professional, courteous, respectful, patient, and open to listening. It was very clear Matt was extremely knowledgeable about residential remodeling projects; he thoroughly assessed the project scope, had an innate attention to detail, prioritized project components based on need, resources, talent, and budget.

Matt offered solutions in easily understandable terms, so I had a very clear understanding of the project components and breakdown, the resources needed, and the estimated completion timeline. Matt took time to listen and answer questions and concerns I had; he had an answer for all of them.

Matt exudes a level of knowledge and expertise that simply inspires trust; I knew immediately that I could trust him. He shared recommendations in a respectful manner, offered suggestions on what I could do to stay on task and within my budget parameters.

At the onset, during and after completion, Matt and his team members were very professional, respectful, and always ensured the projects ran smoothly; they were always open to concerns or questions; addressing them promptly. The job site was always clean and secured at the end of each day.

What I appreciated most about Matt was his professionalism, vast knowledge and expertise, his high ethics and standards, and excellent efforts. Matt and his team always delivered what they promised, when they promised, and their work was exceptional!

I am absolutely delighted with Matt and his team members efforts! I have remodeled two other previous homes and wish he had been in the area and/or that I had known of his and his team then. I believe, the quality of Matt and his team’s efforts are second to no one!

I have several other projects on deck and will continue to enlist Matt and his team’s services.

I now know a truly exceptional contractor - Matt Davis/Fortress Built. You will never need to look for another contractor.

Cheryl Caitland

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