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Large Modern House with Pool


Office, Retail, or Shop Space

EPS Solid Core is ideal for various uses in the commercial world. Whether it is an automotive shop, a business office, a retail space or a strip mall, the comfort and energy-efficiency provided by the structural insulated panels will build on your success.

Business owners can save on energy costs, while enjoying a comfortable work space. Solid Core can be used in almost any design variation which allows for any size or shape. A number of interior or exterior finishes are also available.


  • Closed cell foam walls stop the transfer of moisture that can increase rust and corrosion

  • Can be sized for a single car to a complete collection

  • Great humidity control for painting and restoration

  • Can be designed with panel foundation and Form-a-Drain to create dryer concrete

  • Various interior finishes can be pre-applied, including Interior Glass Board

  • Solid Core walls can reduce energy costs up to 50%

  • Larger clear-spans and vaulted ceilings available


Impact resistance is another standard feature of structural insulated panels. The continuous bonding of EPS insulation to the OSB plywood offers incredible strength and resistance to impact.

Vertical and horizontal stress loads are tested two times stronger than conventional stud walls. EPS walls resist up to 7,000 pounds per foot which results in structures that are stronger, straighter, taller and wider.

EPS buildings are engineered in accordance to IBC codes to your region’s wind and snow loads and can be stamped in 50 states. EPS has state-of-the-art production facilities and five truss lines to give you cost-effective solutions.

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